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WELCOME to the West Australian Folk Federation (WAFF)

WAFF was established around about 1970 with the principle aim of promoting Folk Music and Dance in WA and attracting the National Folk Festival to WA. We bacame an incorporated body in 1974. It has served the state entire, and particularly the Perth Metro area, for over four decades. WAFF is working now to reinvigorate itself and redefine its role as a leader in promotion of folk arts in Western Australia. In the coming months we promise many new and exciting developments. Join us as we work to elevate understanding and appreciation for folk music, poetry, dance, and story-telling.

Notice of the Annual General Meeting
The AGM forfor this year is on Sunday October 14th at 2pm. We will be sending emails out very soon with further information. Proxy Forms etc. will be posted at the same time and will be available from this page soon. If you haven't recieved an eamil by the end of August please email us with a current email address. You must be a paid up member to nominate for committe and to vote at the AGM.

WAFF Affiliated Folk Clubs

WAFF supports new and existing WA Folk Clubs through affiliation. Affiliated clubs can receive benefits though WAFF such as APRA license fees and and other assistance. Affiliated clubs are asked to pay WAFF a small membership fee yearly to help cover expenses for club licenses coverage. WAFF can and sometimes does help with managing clubs and finding performers.

If you would like to start a folk club we are here to help you!

Currently two clubs are officially affiliated with WAFF

MC & chairman John Ralph and Patrick Mullins
Jimjam & Phil Roeterdink & Bob Rummery

Wanneroo Folk Club
2nd Friday of the month

Next Club is on 12th October

We are delighted to welcome to our Club Alan Reid and Rob van Sante.
Scottish Folk: After four decades (from 1969 to 2010) as an ever present member of Battlefield Band, Reid decided that it was time to bow out in order to develop his writing and to follow other musical paths and partnerships. He left the band at the end of 2010 to concentrate on his musical duo with Rob van Sante who had also been Battlefield Bandís sound engineer. In early 2011 the duo undertook a tour of Australia and New Zealand followed by several tours of Scotland, Germany, United States, UK, Europe and Canada.
Alan was a vital member of Battlefield Band from its inception in 1969 till his departure in 2010. In that time he toured all over the world and made almost 30 recordings with the band, working with such artists as Garrison Keilor, Van Morrison and Mike Oldfield. They won awards in Germany, Britain and the US and throughout Alan was at the heart of the band, his keyboards underpinning the bagpipes and fiddle. In being the first to use keyboards as an integral part of a traditional folk band Alanís contribution to the bandís story has ensured its stature in Scottish culture as well sits influence on many of todayís Celtic musicians.
Dutch born Rob van Sante is a guitarist of skill and subtely and is a highly respected singer with a wealth of experience playing with a variety of prominent English folk and Celtic musicians.

Dorchester Hall, 2 Dugdale St, Warwick.
Find us on Google Maps here
Doors open: 7:30pm, music from 8pm
Entry: $10 ($8 WAFF Members)
Email: John at


Jackadder's Music Club

3rd Sunday of Every Month at 3 PM
Woodlands Reserve Hall, Teakwood Ave, Woodlands.
Find us on Google Maps here

Adults $8, WAFF - Children $2 WAFF members 50% discount
More Information at:
Carmel Charleton 9446 1558

WAFF Membership

There are several types of WAFF membership. Of course, you may ask yourself why join WAFF? Joining WAFF is an expression of support of WA Folk arts which we believe may slowly be lost without support. It is also a commitment to ensuring that our past traditions are neither lost nor remain frozen in time, but rather they continue to evolve in volume, diversity, and quality. In a state rich with heritage, the blending of peoples from many lands, and the spirit of high adventure, we can all join in to keep it's songs, stories, and dances alive.

Joining WAFF is easy. Just click on the "MEMBERSHIP" link at the top of this page. It will lead you through the membership registration process.
If you have questions please contact the WAFF at:>

A short history about the logo that we are currently using .
Prior to 1997 there was a new "modern look" logo in use which didn't really say much about who we are are what we do. After the failure of the Joondalup Festival the committee decided that we need to go back to basics a bit. As the new Town Crier editor at the time I was looking through the WAFF office and unearthed 2 items. One was a drawing by the late Ken Ferguson which was used as the logo possibly for the National Folk Festival in 1978. The other was a silk screen of Swans which was used for a tee shirt design for one of the early Toodyay Festivals. Up until very recently I had no idea who had designed the T-shirt art work. I have recently discovered that this mystery artist was a lady by the name of Cindy Stonor-McClean, a long time supporter of the WAFF and folk music in WA. I liked the look of both drwaings since they had a connection to both folk music and Western Australia. So after much scanning and fiddling on my computer I combined the two drawings into one, added a guitar, mandolin and banjo from drawings from the internet and the new logo was born. Over time it evolved with the adding of a bit of colour.
(pics clockwise from top left: Ken Ferguson's drawing, the combined version in black and white, the coloured version)

ABN: 23 052 531 652

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